Wednesday, May 27


I noticed her eyes sparkled every time I called her by name. I felt she dressed carefully hoping I would notice. She was getting that extra care from her friends 'coz of me. She kept looking my eyes, every time I spoke. She always kept her silence when our gang blasting, but with a killing smile. She appears to be more polite while talking to me. She always laughed on my bad jokes(probabily the only one who laughs). She volunteered first, teaching me lessons during exams & never forgets a thumbs-up before entering the exam hall (many went unnoticed by me - says my friends). Lunch hours - she always asked me about my friends, my family & my social life, I never asked about her's!. She was first to assist our gang in what we called the break-dance, but with her 'bharatanattyam' steps. Her best friend, gave me a friendship card, signed "Her's- Best friend" '??'. I still dont know why she didn't give me one? I don't know why she carved my name on that desk where she sits!!??

But I never complained. She was indeed sweet. 

My only complaint - "Why you left unsaid, you loved me!!?"


  1. nice one
    u have a good blog
    really liked the template
    keep it up

  2. Oh so sweet ,but why wait for her to say it, You can take the 1st step!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I agree with the person abve me!
    I wish I hadn't read this piece.
    I was just getting over someone I loved for years and was successful.
    This is bringing me back to the same pavillion i left....

  4. hey I really like ur blog
    bot what the hell were u dng?
    why didn't u go tell

  5. Hey decent post.Wont say its great.honest opinion.guess you will take it positively.Personal experience eh? and you blog when you are mad! were you really mad when you wrote this post?

  6. i know "after all u tell stories"

  7. vinayak: Thx dude, the templete belongs to blogger..thx to them too

    angel from heaven: thought of giving her a chance.. :)

    frangipani: gimme a thaxz yaar.. for a sec i brought u to tat old pavilion na? ;)

    karizma: aahh..wat the hell I was dong?? :?O

    arunrafi: thank god atlast i hav not done a great post!loll!When i say I bog whn Im Mad, yes i was mad!!Any normal person writes such craps?? ;)

    ASR: U know better that, than any other here!!:)

  8. hai bro!In this simple write up u jus conveyed all emotion of a girl in love!!
    it was so bad from your side that u didn't even cared her?U didnt even reply to any of her silent gestures....too bad brother!!

  9. btw...from wer r u taking these photos!!God.. As if it clicked just for your beautiful write up!!
    keep going brother!

  10. love they say itz value is seldom known until it is lost...
    u better write some beautiful poetry for her and let someone deliver it if you have a little less courage to propose...and i am sure she wont say no..!!!

  11. S@MM33 H@PP3nNN3dd To M3... but the guys such a los3R he gave uP! b*sT**d :D apologies for the language.

    buT uR BLoG... i LiK33!

  12. My Advise those who wait miss the boat!!Strike while the iron is hot!!! other wise koi aur dulhaniya ley jayen gey!!!

  13. hmm, i guess u seriously believe in the phrase "ladies first" :D

  14. Awwww.... I wonder why people who feel for someone don't say it.... Take a chance, take a leap. If Everything goes wrong,still know that you did your best and spoke your heart !!


  15. yojita: :)

    Bhanu{1}: Sorry, Blame it on me! :'(

    bhanu{2} : google it out honey!

    Varuna raina: Poetry is not my piece of cake! dont have any othereasy ways :'(

    Blackmyst3ry: oMg!unethical words on my blog!Blogger..ban him!lol

    angel from heaven: frame those words!!Beat It!!u r indeed angel from heaven!!

    arte:Without any question!

    Adisha: All ma fellow Commentators is so GREAT. Im so Pround of u guys!!*Hi Five* all!

  16. Dude...
    if that's all true...
    then u are a lucky fool :))

  17. this is NOT like returning the favor back, i mean i'm leaving a comment 'coz i felt so, n not 'coz u left a comment on my post....
    there's something tht's really alluring 'bout unsaid emotions, feelings expressed but nt wid words, n tht's precisely why i liked this post...

  18. you express really very well.... so touching each time.... :'(

  19. nice blog :)
    may be guys lack that ability of finding what the girl thinks for them. Wouldn't it had been better if you would have acknowledged her feelings towards you? If she's gone not too far, go get her (only if this isn't fiction).

  20. post simply shows guys are so dumb... always shy to take the first step!!! But I guess sometimes love(without confession) is the best thing that can happen to anyone..!!! Remains in your heart forever and you can cherish it for a long time to come!!! (read: I hate rejections in relation) hehehe!!! maybe I find it better to remain mum over confession and expressions!!! :P

    Once again, awesome post!!!

    Keep Blogging, dude!!! :)

  21. hello sajith...
    Thanks for going through my post...yes I am aware of the scenario… the avoid any misunderstanding…its just a post…which I wrote being a true Cricket fan (Indian). Although I might have missed the truth, but still for me it has worked big time…hope “my take on life” as not affected you in a bad way.
    Also, by thanking I didn’t mean thank in a true sense, it just came out somehow through my writing…as a expression of joy to watch an entertaining event.

  22. I dono who you are but I must you got an awesome way of expressing. Its really really touching.. I just love the way you write.. i am sure anybody who reads your blog will be touched.. good goin..

  23. ur posts are damn interesting! especially the one on confusion too.