Wednesday, May 27


I noticed her eyes sparkled every time I called her by name. I felt she dressed carefully hoping I would notice. She was getting that extra care from her friends 'coz of me. She kept looking my eyes, every time I spoke. She always kept her silence when our gang blasting, but with a killing smile. She appears to be more polite while talking to me. She always laughed on my bad jokes(probabily the only one who laughs). She volunteered first, teaching me lessons during exams & never forgets a thumbs-up before entering the exam hall (many went unnoticed by me - says my friends). Lunch hours - she always asked me about my friends, my family & my social life, I never asked about her's!. She was first to assist our gang in what we called the break-dance, but with her 'bharatanattyam' steps. Her best friend, gave me a friendship card, signed "Her's- Best friend" '??'. I still dont know why she didn't give me one? I don't know why she carved my name on that desk where she sits!!??

But I never complained. She was indeed sweet. 

My only complaint - "Why you left unsaid, you loved me!!?"

Wednesday, May 13

remember TO forget!!??

I have the greatest virtue and liberty to say, I own one of the most celebrated and colourful friendship days that the humankind have ever seen.

Very recently someone asked me; how you define friendship? I raised my eyebrow, shrug in anguish! I realised don't know how to define, or I cannot define!

Then he/she asked; have you seen any difference between the friendship of a guy and a gal!?
...and this post is the answer:

"I have seen, and seeing friendship of Girls and Guys. I firmly believe Bois mean friends when they say friends. They never call every day, but are there every time you called.
They wouldn't know what exactly the reason, when you wear a particular dress, neither remembers your birthday nor keep time. But they'd never see the dark clouds around your eyes.

Girls, yes they have friends... countless!!. Have you ever asked a girl about her friendship? She may gush; pour out suddenly and profusely with lot of emotions, sentiments & enthusiasm.

They may tell you about the friendship cards or bands that are exchanged, but they forget the voices that once held over the phone calls or words that once console a broken heart.

Moreover, it’s all over once Marriage is over; if anything was there!

Girls expect more, or in other words...friendship for a girl means getting what they expect!

However, for a guy a cup of hot tea over a shared cigarette is treasure."

That 'someone' stood stunned, so as me, as 'my sister' signed off saying:

"Women remember to forget --- Men forget to remember"

It was she who answered that question, which was actually thrown at me...

I remember once I said:

"I wish I were a Girl", seeing my sis makes-up before mirror for a party,

She replied pinching my cheeks with her both hands,

"I wish I were a Boy!!"

May be this is why she said so!!!?? *Sigh!!*