Friday, June 12


I met her after two days. A very quixotic evening with beautiful flowers, small small butterflies & sparrows flying all around. I still remember she had that extra touch to keep her lawn 'the best'. Btw our talking I asked...

" Where is that flower?"

"Flower???" *bolt from the blue*

" That red rose I gave ? "

"aahh..thatt.....!! " *smile* *shy*

"What you did with that?"

"Why? Why are you asking?"

"To know, whether you have stamped it out or not?"

"What if, I stamp out a Rose?" *impish*

"ohh nothing...!! I gave away my heart to you in that...!!"

I never knew those words I mouthed had so much philia on her. It triggered a feeling of euphoria. From rank to rank she darts her ardent eyes. She pulled me inside... It was the dusk of autumn...

Our clumsy fingers, fumbled along with the zipper sounds & barricades of buttons and hooks.... The vigarous deduct of our clothes and jostling them aside...

The scattered clothes all around, a testimonial to the love we made...


  1. juz want 2 know 1 thing... where is she now???


  2. good one re..

    but a small thing to make out..
    u must hav described ur testimonial to ur love in a vivid add a hint of romance....

    anyway,good vocabulary...i could learn a couple
    of words atleast..quixotic,jostling,impish..not couple..triple rather...

    mate pls read my blog and comment it..
    click here

  3. Its said that,this feeling enfolds fear & joy at the same time. The way u've expressed urself is truly beautiful! And though its titled casanovva, he seems a lil betta than that.
    All that bothered me was that it seems slightly rapid. You should've described a lil more.

  4. You are born to beat Mr.Giacomo Casanova "the world's greatest lover" atleat in your You are great womanizer... you understands the beat of woman's heart more than herself!!!
    I never realised you are so much in your thoughts!!You keep a very unique personality!! no one can idnetify the thoughts in you!!
    In other words you are really dangerous!!! lollzz!

  5. Short and sweet. . .Simple and crisp... yet another post of yours... which I like... :)

  6. ASR: U sound like a small kid in ganny's lap, asking 'where the queen of the story gone?' ;)

    sravanth : I vl put mark in ur blog soon!!

    frangipani: If I describe everything what is left for you readers to think!! Use your imagination, honey!! :)

    Bhanu: *Mighty amused for the second time* dont praise me lik tat baby! :P

    SIZZLING SWATI: thx & come again...

    sorcerer: :)

  7. I like it... No barriers for putting anything in a blog.

  8. Ok mr...I have to admit this is the most concise and crisp post I have read in a long time!!! Keep em comin mr..

  9. Sudhir: :)

    Rohan : yes!!

    Tabita: thanks mrs! ;)

  10. Good use of vocabulary particulary the way the post is written in two different styles!!

  11. awesome bro...loved it...simple yet had the desired effect

  12. Really loved your work!
    Especially this one :)

    Thanks for stopping by
    Cheers :)