Sunday, June 21

Friday, June 12


I met her after two days. A very quixotic evening with beautiful flowers, small small butterflies & sparrows flying all around. I still remember she had that extra touch to keep her lawn 'the best'. Btw our talking I asked...

" Where is that flower?"

"Flower???" *bolt from the blue*

" That red rose I gave ? "

"aahh..thatt.....!! " *smile* *shy*

"What you did with that?"

"Why? Why are you asking?"

"To know, whether you have stamped it out or not?"

"What if, I stamp out a Rose?" *impish*

"ohh nothing...!! I gave away my heart to you in that...!!"

I never knew those words I mouthed had so much philia on her. It triggered a feeling of euphoria. From rank to rank she darts her ardent eyes. She pulled me inside... It was the dusk of autumn...

Our clumsy fingers, fumbled along with the zipper sounds & barricades of buttons and hooks.... The vigarous deduct of our clothes and jostling them aside...

The scattered clothes all around, a testimonial to the love we made...