Wednesday, May 13

remember TO forget!!??

I have the greatest virtue and liberty to say, I own one of the most celebrated and colourful friendship days that the humankind have ever seen.

Very recently someone asked me; how you define friendship? I raised my eyebrow, shrug in anguish! I realised don't know how to define, or I cannot define!

Then he/she asked; have you seen any difference between the friendship of a guy and a gal!?
...and this post is the answer:

"I have seen, and seeing friendship of Girls and Guys. I firmly believe Bois mean friends when they say friends. They never call every day, but are there every time you called.
They wouldn't know what exactly the reason, when you wear a particular dress, neither remembers your birthday nor keep time. But they'd never see the dark clouds around your eyes.

Girls, yes they have friends... countless!!. Have you ever asked a girl about her friendship? She may gush; pour out suddenly and profusely with lot of emotions, sentiments & enthusiasm.

They may tell you about the friendship cards or bands that are exchanged, but they forget the voices that once held over the phone calls or words that once console a broken heart.

Moreover, it’s all over once Marriage is over; if anything was there!

Girls expect more, or in other words...friendship for a girl means getting what they expect!

However, for a guy a cup of hot tea over a shared cigarette is treasure."

That 'someone' stood stunned, so as me, as 'my sister' signed off saying:

"Women remember to forget --- Men forget to remember"

It was she who answered that question, which was actually thrown at me...

I remember once I said:

"I wish I were a Girl", seeing my sis makes-up before mirror for a party,

She replied pinching my cheeks with her both hands,

"I wish I were a Boy!!"

May be this is why she said so!!!?? *Sigh!!*


  1. Gee.
    Hey! catchin up with yur blog after a long time.
    Nice post

  2. hope ur grlfrnds dont knw ur addrss coz u might b in big trbl :D
    anywayzz gud one ...likd d quote 'boys rmembr to forgt ...'hop to hav more gud stuff frm u in future too!!

    btw thanks for visitin n commntin on mah log!!

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  4. hurray you are back...nd this time a more sensitive subject... Beware 'girl- friends' are watching u.."mauuhh..."
    I strongly disagree with your thoughts, as some of us are lucky to have really great 'girl-friends'.

  5. i rem i visited your blog before...its a nice post man!!!

    keep up the good work!!!

  6. Hmmm... Nice post :) Quite a humorous and one sided take on friendship I see...

    adisha :)

  7. so you think friendship btw gals as unreal?? lol!

  8. sorcerer: :-)

    Mukesh: u quoted wrong;)

    Bhanu: Exceptions are never Examples!!Grrrrrrrr..

    Nazim: Thank God u rem!

    Adisha: It was never a one sided view!! please let me knw wer is humour in ths?

    arte: There s some X factor preventing it from REAL!!

  9. Umm interesting points on friendship.I guess women are more emotional and their expectation of friendship is totally different to their male counterparts.

  10. Sum " brutally frank views " like it’s all over once Marriage is over....
    friendship for a girl means getting what they expect!....

    Hope i can recognize u when i see u next time

  11. Hmm..I agree!!Exceptions are never examples and realising it in a broad view..Yes you are RIGHT!! I do agree!There is an X factor! I think all girls will agree even though for the first instant they GUSH as u mentioned!!

  12. Between... tell me the truth: You actually fear of your 'girl-friends' that is why from no wer u introduced a sister as of these words are all from 'horse mouth'??
    *:D :D :D*

  13. cutestangel: I agree nd tats cute from girls side..

    ASR: Already im gettin threat for my life. loll

    Bhanu{1}: This time u used ur brain not Heart!!I appreciate!!

    Bhanu{2}: * HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *

  14. Hey there,

    Sorry, I meant it in a good way, since I was smiling as I read it ..

    "Girls, yes they have friends... countless!!. Have you ever asked a girl about her friendship? She may gush; pour out suddenly and profusely with lot of emotions, sentiments & enthusiasm."

    Found this charming, humorous and " kind of " one sided... :))

  15. good one sajith . keep blogging..became ur follower so as to read ur coming posts ... do read mine HOW I GOT 100 IN BIOLOGY. hope u like it

  16. If there were a test to show how much you know women...The result would be 99%.
    That's pretty good!

  17. nice post... men are women are of different planet... a true friend is al wht we guys need...

  18. Man...This's ma one f the fav topics...continue man!!!