Saturday, February 14

The Best Burden...

Let me forget… let me forget about you, you and you..!! I want a change... The change I practiced for two years. Can't say as the season changes we also change.. when the season come back after one circle, is it  back all again?? Yes, I believe Yes, atleast in memories!
Memories are as fresh. Even today I jump to my mobile when that particular tone rings, once meant only for her.

 "why am I still keeping that tone??"I asked myself.

The answer was a big silence... One more unanswered question. My 'self'  laughed at me again!! (It was not the first time!)

Even though I'm addicted to this pain, I hate the unanswered questions. why?.. but why?That 'why' haunted me..I searched for reasons. I had reasons, hell,  lot of... but now I dont have one! Sipped a cup of coffee!Puffed one Cigarette deep...stretched myself, a deep breathe, closed eyes.......

I'm in those good old days... Everything, from candlelight dinners, soft music, slow dances, latenight walks hand by hand by the light of the moon on remote windswept beaches... 

Suddenly I felt in some unkown horizon, sombody holding me tight...and me walking along.Yes I'm with her...

"How you doing??"I asked.
She smiled as an answer!

I Hold her closer."Tell me honey, are you happy??, Does he care, like I cared you??, Does he kiss, like I kissed you?"
She looked deep into my eyes...I continued, "Does he listern, like I listerned you?, Does it feel the same..., when he calls you by name??" oh.. I was worried!! I hold her even closer, I don't want to miss her this time...

I saw tears in her eyes... Her lips shivered as though she wants to tell something...

The breeze was started blow harder, even harder, stronger.Felt as if 'he' in search of a birth place, and no place to die... All of a sudden there was only sands and the sun look like a golden disk.. I could't see anything..totaly blind..
Everything over in few sec..!

End of fragrance, and I stood alone..!! On my knees...Crying loud!!

"Oh I always miss u..what can I say..rules must be obeyed..!" I am pathetically down.
"Is this the Best Burden??"

Phone Rings...I'm 'LIVE' again...! Back from virtual world...
Hell the same old tone!!I cursed and took the phone.

"Hello sir, This is Neha, from City Bank Credit Cards....Blah blah blah.... & more blah, blah, blahs..!!" I didn't hear any thing what she said..

I said: "Happy Valentine's Day"

She: "hmm..ahh...Ta..thank u Sir,!!??..."

I cancelled the call.......!