Sunday, January 11

I still remember you....

I still remember you, once in a while. There were days when I never had to remember since you were always there. Every now and then, everyday. Blame it on time. Blame me. Blame the realization that you never gonna be mine. Like an unfinished dream, you came, you touched my heart, you vanished. I never searched for you even though my mind always did. May be I am afraid to hear the truth, which I fear ruin the ending even though not a happy one. I still remember you, always when I wear the mask of sympathy, concreting the obvious torments and always when I feel I am alone. Your thoughts always spread a melancholy at heart, some time sweet otherwise dry. The same dryness which I felt when you left. I still remember you, your voice, your smile. I was innocent, I believe you were. You took me to a magical world, a world filled with dreams and happiness. I lost to you and atlast I lost you. Your words never obstinate me from the facts. Darn with the society, damn me. Believe me this is another monologue of heart, this time my hands were free, which usually busy wiping off the tears, copied the logs to this blog. This is for you my beloved, only for you because I still remember you.

OOps!!Never get confused..I juzt found these words romantic and just copied..!!U all knoe..Im nt of tat sort!!ahh....!