Friday, January 5

Life is tough, so why should we live, what is the purpose of our lives?

Only few furtunates spend 25-30 years in struggle of learning and gets prepared for real lives. Then starts another struggle of setteling down. It takes atleast 5-10 years to settle down in life. We spend just a couple of year smoothly and then we again start worrying about our kids. When I calculate the gains & losses of life there is no profit at all. So why should we get into this business. ??


In an Optimists view:
Life is about making your own meaning and enjoying the ride. You can look at it as work and struggle, or you can look at the adventure, it's all about perspective. You worry about your kids, sure, but they bring you more joy than pain. Just like preparing for the real world (education, job hunting, etc) have their own rewards. When we have people and things (like careers) that we love, they are their own rewards. Nothing's perfect, but this is what we have to make the best of. Don't give up!

So wat can b concluded??Common give me ur xperience with ur life..wat hav u people seen from life..Tell better way to live an enjoyable life..Xpress ur ideas hw to face life's ups nd downs!!