Wednesday, February 29

The Thumb Rule!

"Why do one have to always hurt the ones you love? And consciously so?" She asked.

I never had answer for that. You know why!

The woods were dark and must be cold. I could see fact and fiction blended in her eyes!  The silence, skipping the painful phrases. I am used to it now, I think. I preferred to think that I didn't see, I didn't hear.

The bizarre mind.. I believe now it is pretty usual, is int it? I don’t feel like not to. I am lost and you are loosing me. She is not getting words. So? What is it for me? Better avoid it..!

She should understand I am already lost in never forgetting dreams and ever remembering days. Now expecting the worst and hoping the best, hope.. ya still hoping. ?? 

No, seriously.

Terrified by the forbidden dreams, I may loose the sanctification. Thy thoughts sanctified my dreams, thy dreams sanctified my solitude. Let me complete the palpitation. Let me close this chapter. I cannot withstand it any more, I cannot withstand you…rather say your dreams. I have the painful dreams of this joyful solitude…. What else to dream, to remember, to forget?

Somebody please tell her this thumb rule. Things will change. They always do. And learning to let go has been the lesson always....!! 

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