Thursday, January 12

Beautiful land of sunshine and laughter!

Are you sure that you are in the other land, the so called “beautiful land of sunshine and laughter”.. if yes.. you mean you betrayed your heart/soul for the sheer achievement of vitamin K (from sunlight) and prolonged life (Laugh more,live more). 

I believe it is utter failure that you didn't realize, this is life & there is no other land, ya of course, we are in search of the land where we may (at least we wish) find pleasure of every kind may be you are just dreaming. 

The way which you wheedled me towards your covets (presumably), through your last notes explaining me the wonderful world of so called beautiful… reckon either you dream always about it or you are in the same LAND, still with a ashamed (presumably) face hidden behind an anonymous smile.

I am not awed by a confused mind.. rather than leaving it to incarcerate by the life, I prefer to mutilate my heart to crave for a freedom from my mind mostly when I am drunk because I have enough things to think about otherwise.. may be about a LAND .

It is much more painful than it is now but I love it that way. At least none to be bothered about. It is me and me only.

Pathetic issues and inability to differentiate between the reality and laughable. The forgetfulness of this night. Being at a position that you ever want to re-read the same statement, more or less the same. Captured by the things that is hated more than u enjoy. I calls it back, I effing calls it back. 

Bloody thoughts, the perishing soul, the morality and my heart. The bites of sharp teeth. Go now, it is time for you to leave. From this atrocious, abominable breaths. 

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