Tuesday, July 26

That One Lover!!

Why you asked me to love,
Holding my debile fingers,
Even after knowing, you will get
A more forte lover than me?

Why so when you know,
I have a broken heart,
Which is bleeding and
Have nothing more to give?

Why you came so far,
Searching only for me?
Dead in the memories, I have
Kept nothing for you to give.

Allas all these, I knew
You will come one day.
I used to remind myself,
You are there some far far away.

But walking through the darkness,
In this balmy moonlight night,
Oh, my dear death,
I never expected you tonight.

Aghh... then I relaxed to myself.
There is one lover, the only lover,
We all can expect for sure,
And her arrival is placid.

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