Saturday, December 26

Something that is Remembered.

Some body just hit me with a memory pillow. I'm quite scared now. I'm shattered. Yes yet again.

I was wrong. Thought I came out of everything. Not yet, feel atleast in this lff I can't. I'm sure. The heart that truly love never forgets. I love being positive. When someone you love become a memory, that memory become a treasure. *Sigh*


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  2. yippee brother! u r back! I kno this gonna happen very soon!

    As always precise with words filled with essence entities and values..... and the trade mark *Sigh* :P
    My heart feeling so light! No idea Why?

    btw are u going with this guy above.. ha ha!!??

  3. "Some body just hit me with a memory pillow"
    what a start
    "When someone you love become a memory, that memory become a treasure. *Sigh*"
    what an ending
    - this is genius :)

  4. I am sooooooooooooo happy to read somethin new on ur blog mr.. Missed hearin from u..

  5. Mihir jah: are u kidding dude??

    Bhanu: Ty. should I go huh?

    Sunil: aah common chetta, genius is too much 4 me! Ty.

    Tabi: Even I missed it in btw. Ty.