Sunday, August 2

Colour me Love!

What about the colour of love? - Red..? White..?? Err...Pink?

"Confused huh...?"

Once I was more confused than you, when she asked me this!

She said "Its BLUE."

"Blue, why blue?" I wonder.

She had enough reasons to convince me.

She pointed me to the waves of desire in the world - ocean and the sempiternal sky above my head, and said

"Of all those that doesn't have an end is blue. So as our love, no end - its colour is the same blue..."


  1. color of love...strange..huh!!perhaps its blue becuase love happens(or better comes) from the blue??LOL

    love makes you colour blind!!!

  3. Well 2 post in two consecutive day!! wat happend!!!:)

    Colour of Love - BLUE!! :O I hav never thought this in my wildest thought,Never!!

    But after reading this I think Blue is the best matching colour for love!!
    Of all those that doesn't have an end is blue. So as our love... umm intersting and true!!

  4. Oh!!dear... Bluee..
    wow!! I thought its Red!! :P
    Bt u prroved it wrong..Its bluee...

    Lemme spread this all over the world!!

    World!! - The colour of love is BLUE...

  5. nice post
    i liked ur blog
    good blog
    keep it up

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  7. colour of ocean is blue because it is the sky's reflection.colour of ponds are green since water reflects the colour of the sorrounding vegetation.

    endless things like ocean,sky r awesome metaphors for true love
    keep on bringing new things....

  8. love is black- it throws u into darkness
    love is white-it speads light into ur life

    evrything tat comes in b/w is not true...

  9. hey.. that s different..
    a nice concept though!
    hmm.. it has got me into thinking abt it..

  10. Cool concept!!!
    Colour of

  11. WOW! what a nice thought ur "she" has! btw, who is this "she"?