Thursday, July 2


"I watched from distance"

The rising sun in mighty mountains...
The setting sun as it dissolves in ocean...,
A castle in spider web;
Rejuvenation in pouring rain!!
All fine!! Sweet and Beautiful...

"I gazed closer"
The rising sun; the cause of all slip-ups..,
The setting sun; end of all virtues..,
Grievance of trapped prey;
Howl of the dispossessed in the rain!
Awful!! Appalling and Dire...

"I finish"
Shorter the Distance.
Lesser the Sweetness.
More the Sharpness.

"Aghhh..., Lff... & Its Existence...!!!"


  1. A post lille diff from your style..!! Very true facts!!!
    Life gives the impression of being beautiful from a distance, but as we approach closer it’s really repulsive…!!! A very well thought out subject…!!
    The photo chosen just carry that thought forward… In first sight very pleasing snap... But as I gazed, there are lot of slip-ups, fractures and ruptures…
    Loved this simple but powerful thought…

    Btw.. Its very sad that u deleted “The Father’s Day Post…”
    Do get that post if you have somewhere in HD? Please…!!!!

  2. lff? have you got the spelling wrong?

  3. Sharper the distance ....lesser the sweetness is true

  4. Love the last stanza.
    admirable presentation of both sides of the same coin!

  5. Shorter the distance...Lesser the sweetness...
    Completely agree!!!

  6. "Aghhh..., Lff... & Its Existence...!!!"

    Very Truee...

    Im watching you..

    hoping more.....

  7. Bhanu: Thx..forget abt tat post!!
    jus forget it!!

    CRD: Are yo the man Im looking for?? The man hu can spell lff corretly...?

    roysh: very much true...

    frangipani: yes tat ws my effort!! thx!

    Feel like God: Ther is no other way dude... tats lff..

    Anon: Come out of the Shadow of Anon. I wish I could see you also ..!
    A warning - He that lives upon hope will die fasting....

  8. Short sweet lines but full of impact.Just shows that few carefully chosen words can far out way long essays!!!
    well written.

  9. Your reply to 'CRD' was killing one!!! Never thought this would be the reason you spelled it 'LFF'...
    ... and to me keeping my anonymitty is fun....

    & A warning : Rosa sat so Martin could walk; Martin walked so Barack could run; Barack ran so well, so we all can fly...!!!

  10. Very is amazing how u have changed the mood, from pleasant and beautiful outside, to what it really is,it is the transition which one should always keep in mind. And I salute u for the depth and truthfulness u carry in this and keep posting...

  11. Angel from heaven: thanks honey! well said..

    Anon: I loose ur majesty!!! hav fun u anon! I will keep guessing.. An anon hu knoe me well!!!

    For ma fellow frnds hu didnt understand wat annon said; Here it is.. "Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk," Jay-Z told the crowd. "Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run." "Barack run so that we will fly.." - 'Vote for hope'
    Thx to yahoo answers...!!! It took me some time to find the exact meaning of this.

    Prit: Thank yo.. thank you.. & more thank yo...!! do come again....!!

  12. Thats Nice And Diffrent...

    I Keep It Up Bro

  13. "????????????????????????????????"
    this is wat this post filled my mind.
    din get its essence fully...

  14. Akshay: :)

    Jishnu: Firstly, there was no essence at all...!! thn, hw can u expect the same? :)