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A Redeeming Tale

sunday, 24 Sep, 2006, 3:11 AM



Hop both of you is pink in health...

This mail may be the last one. I said same in previous one also. But this time I’m more determined. You are no longer the girl I know. You are a wife. You have a husband & a family to look after. It’s been so long after your marriage and I believe it’s time to move on…

Yes, I agree, once we shared everything under the sky. We together made promises... but it is also very much true, that it’s only we took that painful decision to go apart. Be practical, today neither you nor I can change the clock… It’s now past!! I always believed you were more practical than me. When I dreamt of life, you only said me, real life is something else. You always told me, flirting only never make - true love. You never complained, even if I never call you for many months. You never expected that and these standards of a lover from me. You were very matured and that was what I loved best in you. You were a study book for me. But today, all of a sudden, life has gone for a somersault.

I believe you have the courage to stand this difficult time. I don’t know whether, I have? But I want you to stand. I want to learn from you even this, how to stand in these times… If you stand, I promise I can also stand… please don’t put me down!

Yes it is true; I don’t expect any more mails from you. After the marriage you haven’t given him any happiness, care that a husband would expect from his wife... It’s so cruel on your part... Never think of me... And I’m not even thinking of you these days... You are just out of my mind... Like a closed Chapter... You always told me don’t allow our families to cry of us… But today, because of you the families are worried. No regrets, as it was a decision taken together…!!

Take time…Time is the best healer.

Don’t try to reply this mail. I’m not going to read it any way... Better be a good wife... and take good care of your husband…

Good Bye!!!

An act of Redemption; the 'last' of many. The last 'mail', the last 'lie', the last 'bye'.... I have never said a 'bye' so harsh and never said 'lies' of that number..

My Inbox even today has an unread mail from her! I don't want to open it, neither delete!

Now if there's a smile on my face, It's only there trying to fool the public. But when it comes down to fooling you, no honey, that's quite a different subject.

Like a clown I pretend to be glad. Really I'm sad… I’m hurting so bad.

Slowly a fear is creeping…

"Am I losing my ground beneath…?  Am I open to all... to the public?"


Blame the URL of this blog!! _ I'm "on-line" 

"No.... Why this fear....."

"After all I tell stories...just stories..."


  1. " I believe your 'story' on this APRIL FOOL Post "

  2. I like the the way the story is in 2 parts the toughness of breakinging up and the sentimental 2nd part ,however this is not critisism but you need to check through your story for grammer and there are many sentenses in past tense and many in present.

    keep writing.

  3. ASR: So im succesful in making u april fool...

    cuteangel: Again the grammar is playin??? oh shittt...This time also poor drafting...!! Better I should keep somebody for editing!This is one stuff I could nt do in proper, editing...! loll
    thx enyway..

  4. Nicely written..brilliantly presented...Kudos..

  5. good one..

    yep,u do need an editor,that would enhance the beauty of what you are writing..

    Keep blogging!!!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. well written brother!!So much pain, so much anguish, indeed a redeeming tale... Its just surprising that u have this sort of thoughts! Is this your life story, or just stories?

    Also coming tho the comments written by other bloggers: the first part of blog being an e-mail; whu cares the grammar?? In emails, we write just the colloquial language...!!! and the editing, wat more editing you expect?..10/10 from me bro!

  8. raj :)

    meenaskshi: halo eny editors ther....???

    Bhanu :better read the last line; "I tell stories..Just stories..!!"
    I guess u read the blog after my frnd ASR edited: I admit ther was some very serious errors.Once written in a flow my only thought next is to publish it fast!

    But thanks a lot for your 10/10!!!


  9. is it true that it hurts for so long.... people say feelings do not hurt after 3-4 months.... :(

  10. Yep Sajith,I know one who would do it for free.
    Me :)

  11. but i suggest you to get good editors .. lol

  12. Hey one thing, your about me in your blogger profile is cool...

    well written..

  13. deepika: I donno abt ppl! But believe me, it hurts...!!

    meenakshi(1,2): U as editor?..its not tat easy...Spatial tests,mechanical test,Adjectives test,Fault Diagnosis-ther are so many hurdles befre u cn get my appointment letter. loll

    meenakshi (3) :It should be cool; after all its 'about me'!! ;)

  14. Nice..Nice...Good stuff..

    An act of Redemption; the 'last' of many. The last 'mail', the last 'lie', the last 'bye'.... I have never said a 'bye' so harsh and never said 'lies' of that number..

    Liked it....

  15. Gosh!!!

    m already scared.. so i withdraw my application..


  16. ok then I that case I just copy the comment from ASR... "I believe your 'story' on this APRIL FOOL Post "

  17. where really is that 'inbox'? In the machine or in the machine that makes machines work?

  18. Raj: :)

    Meenakshi: once in u cant!!grrr...

    Bhanu: eee :|

    Annon: Hello uncle. Welcom. I searched wer is it; found in both. And the beauty, I could read the Inbox in the machine that makes machines work without even opening it.
    Come again.(I recommend NOT!)

  19. *smiles*

    i just read half of it ... it said everything it needed to say! @MMaaaZZZiiiNNNGG !

    keep on writing and enjoy the m@DN3SS, its the strangest flavour that everyone enjoys in their own way =)