Wednesday, March 4


she was laughing, laughing loud... Her eyes were overwhelming with joy and tears. I saw shyness, anxiety, infatuation and what not; Everything unfolds in those vermouth eyes... I feel my phrenicus nerves were agglomerating... Felt to give the best kiss I had ever given her... Felt to romance her beautiful fingers… Everything looked auspicious to me. Felt Cupid - The Roman God of love, a counterpart of Greek Eros blessed me...

But I didn't do any of these... I just want to be part of her along with the shadows of the dusk, raised my right hand towards the beauty-spot rightly placed beneath her beautifully carved nose...
Her hands came in a close second before I was about to feel her. 

She said with smiles,

"No... later, Not now, only then... only then...!"

I smiled. "Yes, she is right. Not now..., only then" I said myself.

The storm in me died away...We end the day and walked alongside... We didn’t knew, ‘time’ was also alongside!

Years passed... And she is somebody’s now. Destiny once again brought us together…

She asked: “Why didn’t you touch me then?” 

I looked at her...Sighs!

She continued “I was waiting breathtakingly, astonishingly for that moment. Don't you heard the call from my heart? I wished to rush to your arms to feel the man in you; I wished everything from you at that instant, which I would have cherished even now! You gave me amorous glance, which took me to a place of complete bliss and delight and peace - a Shangri-la.” She was unstoppable.

I know she is desperate! Poignancy of a girl who can’t stand the ‘test of time…!’ 


  1. Loved the vocabulary well scripted.

  2. So saad !! Well written ...


  3. nicely written.a twist in a para,nice.


  4. sad! but then.. thats it! good writeup :)

  5. Before scribbling anything about this blog lemme say something about the author, my friend for around last three years… A pure technocrat, we could never expect such serious thoughts from his half boiled mind and talks, at that time. When I went through this blog...promise that really surprised me... I checked the name of the author “again and again” with a thought “Our Sajith..? Hei….. No...” I took many days to believe that fact. He is a nice guy, a nice friend of mine, a busy bee, who can spread his fragrance of charm anywhere he is.

    “Writing, I think, is not apart from living. Writing is a kind of double living. The writer experiences everything twice. Once in reality and once in that mirror which waits always before or behind”. That may be the reason why in his friendship, in his chats, in his talks he is still that old Sajith, But in his blog I could see a different face of him. “The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.” Yes throughout his blog he could say what’s not easy to say…sometimes unable to say. He holds the three S’s. Yes the power to see, sense and say. That’s he is perceptive, he is feeling, and he has the power to express in language what he observes and react to…..Yes he is really a “GIFTED” writer… All above that…U know He is my sweet friend!!!!! Everybody took enough time and read the blog; in future definitely you can say proudly we were the first commentators of today’s great writer. Common friends let’s start.

  6. Thnkx lachu 4 those insp. Thanx alot!

  7. no words.... !!! ultimate...These snaps just add beauty of the write up!!!Superb!!

  8. mmm. . . the emotion,the suppression and its treatment is cool..

    Keep writing!!!

  9. bhanu: :)

    meenakshi: hop 'has' and 'hav' are rightly placed??? ;)

  10. Waoooo.... this is a fantastic post... The topic appears very trivial but its is the way the post has been written..!!!


    Well rains are something which have an inherent ability to make us smile.. n happy... sigh.. my city hardly gets rains.. its like once in a century delhi is drenched in heavy :P

    But I loved the way this post has been put up, with all the humorous and witty lines...!!!

    Happy drenching!!!

    Happy jotting.. :)

    ps- I have dediacted a blog to the rain Gods and jotted a few experiences of mine when delhi was lucky enough to get soem emagre :D

  11. Nice story. keep rocking. visit my blog

  12. @ Lachu
    Every individual lives a dual life..One which he faces as day to day activities and another is his or her part of dreaming...the dreams about the life which never fulfilled or never going to fulfilled. Its always better to express your feelings about ur dreamed life in one or the other way..that might be in writing or singing or even telling the secrets to someone special with whom you can share everything.