Tuesday, November 18

A 5 INR Moment!!

My day starts with a  walk in the morning from Flat No.77 to my cab-pick... During this walk my eyes search for beauty...I found beauty in everything I pass and see... girls... birds.. flowers...  street dogs..... Perhaps I am learning Bangalore the Garden City.. I prefer walk... long walks...  But unfortunatly I am getting cab near about one km... 

Days passed like seconds..Its been two months since ma return from Delhi. I got bored by the same old sight.. The same girls... the same flowers... even the same birds.....

But a face.. A face I searched everyday as I pass through the cross.. In her eyes I saw the sadness of the whole world, A poor old  woman!! As I pass she always came to me begging. 

Her eyes said me:
"Help me...You are of the age of my son. Will you keep quiet when your mother feel hungry...". 

I have seen, many such woman, as we all know we have of them in plenty.. But she, I donno, just keep on peeping in my every thought... I made a deal with myself that I would help her giving a 5 INR every day. (I know, that  5 INR cant change her life..Still!!) 

As I gave 5INR she used to close eyes,holding her hands together and tears coming of her deep dark eyes... 

I would say dear friends that 5 INR moment I used to feel proud and started feeling that why should I spend thousands of INRs to find happiness..I realised ma heart shift pumping from blood to Joy....

As days passed I realised that she is smiling at me! Her moody eyes started glowing!! One day I saw she was waiting for me,  she was looking egarly at the cross. She said me some thing...the only thing I feel I could say back to her is "Kannada Gothillaa... ;)" I smiled as a reply to her.. 

This poor lad had just arrived in Bangalore and luckly got some hand in Hindi and surviving... So as the days pass I found she is happy... I donno is my 5 INR is making her happy? Wat ever may the reason I too feel very happy... So the deal continued...

Some monday of this month I left for the day from flat No.77, keeping a 5 INR change in my pocket... As I reached the very same cross, my eyes started searching... I didnt find her? where is she? Without stopping I walked..

At each new steps of mine I grow more weary, at each new steps I started seeing more new people..I see them turn and stare, I see them slip away....I continued walking..

My cab was waiting...Driver said me something, I didn't hear..  

My mind was full of that old lady...Where she gone??  What would have happened to her?  Some bloody  evil questions start haunting me.. That start of the night was not the end of day for me.. I was thinking of that poor woman... In next day also I didnt find her.... 

Days as many passed.. Still I didnt find her...I feel terribly bad.. I asked some local shop keepers out ther....But I found many of them had not even seen her at all... I said in my mind  'Assholes..'

Days passed, I still couldnt find her.. I donno whether she is, alive or dead. I dont know whether I will see her again or not, still I keep a 5 INR change in my pocket expecting that poor old woman any time...


  1. Pic looks good, n original goin perfectly with the write up, cool

  2. a touching write up...

    i hate advices myself,so a suggestion. When u write a blog and publish it,view the post and read the entire write up. Then the grammatical error will stare at you,making it easier to correct...and if time is a restraint,get someone to edit the matter for u without changing anything except the grammatical mistakes.If everyone you know is a busy bee,I volunteer. :)

  3. shivdaS: Thanks :)

    Meenakshi : Okey.. MI Lord!!! Your suggestion approved!!In case I fail again in editing, I vll come to you..tats my promise..

    and...I never hate advices..so you can advice!!